Our Privacy Policy

We at David Johnston GIS understand how important your privacy is to you, and want you to know it is also important to us. We feel a critical part of demonstrating that importance is providing you with information to give you a full understanding of how we use the data we collect online about you and your use of our websites.

The information we collect

Much of the information David Johnston GIS collects from customers and visitors who access our corporate website is general in nature. Through a tracking software package widely used by website operators, we collect information on traffic patterns, including other websites that serve as exit/entry points, the identities and locations of organizations through which our users access our website, navigation routes through the site, and the number of times each page is visited. No cookies are used to gather this information, and no other customer-specific information is obtained automatically.

There are several locations on the David Johnston GIS corporate website that allow customers and visitors to submit comments or requests online via a form template or e-mail. These submissions are completely voluntary, but most require the customer or visitor submit some identifying information such as a name and/or e-mail address. Other required and/or optional information may be requested by David Johnston GIS in connection with a visitor submission, although the specific information requested will vary from form to form.

What we do with your information

The tracking information David Johnston GIS collects regarding traffic to its corporate website is generally viewed in the aggregate (with the exception of entry/exit sites and identities/geographic locations of organizations used for access to the site), and gives us an idea of what areas of interest our customers and visitors are pursuing when they come to our site. This knowledge is used to assist us in designing and enhancing the content and layout of the site and in making adjustments to navigation paths, all of which can help us provide our customers and visitors with a more user-friendly, positive experience. Finally, information visitors submit via e-mail or form template to one of the David Johnston GIS mailboxes is primarily used to accomplish the customer’s or visitor’s purpose in making the particular submission, whether it is a technical support question, a request for promotional materials, pursuit of employment opportunities, product enhancement suggestions, etc. Secondarily, this information may be added to a database of leads for follow-up by our sales force or product managers via sales calls or marketing campaigns to provide information on other David Johnston GIS services that might serve those customers’ or visitors’ needs.

How we protect your information

At this time, David Johnston GIS does not collect credit card numbers or other financial information online. As for the information we do collect, David Johnston GIS protects it from unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or use through our internal management policies and procedures. This includes educating our employees on the importance of keeping customer information confidential and accurate and requiring employees and agents to sign agreements prohibiting disclosure of confidential information.